Slow Death
cd 1997


In The Name Of Rotten, Evil & Gore (performed by The Metropole Orchestra, conducted by Dick Bakker) / Thoughts Of Suspicion / Stuck_ & Fucked / In The Name Of Rotten, Evil & Gore / Beyond The Black Hole (pt III) / Bad Ideas Obsession / Battle Of Stones / Treat / Waste Taste – label MessbackMusic, recorded 1993, ’95 and ’97 at various locations. Not produced – released 1997



The 1997 ‘farewell and so long’ compilation album with tracks of ‘Mest/694’3’ in their original album format and as performed by The Metropole Orchestra, recorded live in Paradiso, Amsterdam. Also on ‘Slow Death’ a 4 track extract of Gore’s live set of ‘Lifelong Deadline’ as recorded at New York’s Knitting Factory in 1993. With ‘Slow Death’ came after 8 albums and more then 600 shows worldwide in a full decade, an end to Gore.

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