Hart Gore
cd 1986


Extirpation / To The Gallows / After / Axe Of Revenge / Out For Blood / USA Calling / Death Is Coming / Fear / In The Eyes Of The Sniper / He Knows You Are Alone – label Eksakt Records, recorded March 1986 at Tango Studio, Eindhoven, NL, produced by Gore, mixed by Theo van Eenbergen and Gore – released 1986



Gore’s groundbreaking 1986 first release, recorded just 3 months into the band’s appearance on the then just embarked underground scene of the late ‘80’s which would shape the heavy musical landscape for decades to come. ‘Hart Gore’ brings you 10 bare knuckled classic Gore tracks, among others ‘Extirpation’, ‘To The Gallows’ and ‘Axe Of Revenge’ produced by Gore and Theo (Van Rock) Eenbergen.

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